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“My most successful years have been the year after the Olympic Games where you learn from those mistakes, failures and hard times and build upon it. I wouldn’t be an 8 times World Champion now without what happened at those two Olympic Games. Every time it’s lit that fire and that’s very important in a long career I’ve been racing BMX since I was 5”

My special guest is Caroline Buchanan. Caroline is an 8 times World Champion which is 3 times BMX and 5 times Mountain Biking, while she also is a two time Olympian having represented Australia in London 2012 and Brazil in 2016.

You will learn plenty about Caroline Buchanan in episode 44 of Talking with TK.

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3:50 – Welcome Caroline Buchanan

4:15 – Winning her 8th World Championship

5:30 – Difference between BMX and Mountain Biking

8:25 – Celebrating wins

10:00 – The first World Championship

11:50 – Business side of the sport

14:00 – Self Education and Social Media

18:35 – Living the ride

22:45 – Competitiveness with Barry Nobles

26:00 – Mentoring the next generation

29:00 – Strengths vs. Weaknesses

31:08 – Tour friendships and bonds

32:25 – Learning from the Olympics

37:15 – Pressure prior to the Olympics

39:00 – Finding balance and performing at her best

40:00 – Visualisation

43:55 – Having a great Inner circle

44:41 – Typical week of preparation

47:00 – The start line

48:48 – The inside lane

52:29 – The Olympic Moment

53:09 – Posters on her bedroom wall growing up

56:24 – 5 People she would invite to a private dinner party



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