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What I learnt from Hayden Cox

Karmichael Hunt

For Christmas, I received as a gift from a client a book titled New Wave Vision written by Hayden Cox. At the time, I had not heard of Hayden so I found it refreshing to open the book of someone other than the high-profile people that are constantly in the public domain. I finished the book in 2 weeks during my travels in Vietnam. Two weeks is a very short time when it comes to reading for me, I related to the many challenges and experiences, his adversity and entrepreneurial passions.


To give you back ground, Hayden Cox is an Australian award winning surfboard designer, entrepreneur & founder of Haydenshapes surfboards & innovator of his future flex technology. He is a 3 times surfboard of the year winner across both the USA and Australia with his board sold in over 70 countries across the world.

My conversation with Hayden had some great stories and success secrets, to listen to the entire episode click the link below.

Here are my key takeaways from our chat:





Our life journey is going to be full of adversity and mistakes. The key for Hayden is when we make a mistake, to not only learn from it but make it a priority not to make the same mistake again. The key takeaway is to embrace your knock downs and failures, to learn from them and challenge yourself to move forward by making sure we don’t do it again.





For all his hard work, Hayden openly admits that his business was taken to the next level by his business partner and wife Danielle Cox. Danielle as described by Hayden as the “heart beat of the brand” the one that challenges him to improve and be better.


Good relationships for them is built with good communication and their similar mindsets and motivation to success has now led to what is one of the most highly regarded surfboard designer companies in the world.

Who are you’re accountability partners? Something that comes up constantly during my interviews with some of the most successful people around the world is that inner circle and the part they all play in your success. Take the time to acknowledge your inner circle.




Hayden most important factor in his success is creating a business around his why. It’s the reason why he can turn up and get out of bed each day and deal with the challenges and stress of life. While risks become bigger, there are limited chill days, this is what excites him. His advice “the reason to start to begin with your why” and this leads Hayden to only doing things that interests him.


Big take away point START WITH YOUR WHY





We are all human which comes with the up’s and downs of life, the important thing is to acknowledge this but also have things that can help you bounce back. For Hayden, he leans on his wife Danielle to help him when his dealing with stress and pressure of business and life, the open communication is key. Away from his relationships he loves to turn to surfing, as he says “to live in the moment” while he also preaches the importance of exercise and physical activity to keep you occupied.





Hayden emphasised the need to focus on your core product and service. While it’s exciting to be involved in new ventures, this can come to the detriment of your core business if you are constantly distracted away from it. So, the key take away is to keep your focus on that core business and continue to develop it without the distractions of doing a million things at once.


Hayden was an awesome guest full of passion and energy, there was more than 5 take away points so please take the opportunity to listen to the entire episode.  


I hope the interview helped those sitting on the fence about starting a business or pursing your dreams to take that next step. To take a risk and go out to be the best you can in life but doing the things you love. Who knows, if you start now you might wake up one day and get paid for doing something you love.


Be sure to continue to follow Hayden on his journey








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