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What I learnt from Andrew & Jason Moloney

Andrew Moloney, Jason Moloney

Boxing in Australia in recent years has all been about the likes of Anthony Mundine, Kostya Tszyu, Danny Green and Daniel Geale. With those guys coming to the end of their great careers we are seeing the next crop of young fighters looking to repeat their success on the World stage.

Two of the next crop of top level fights is the twin brothers Andrew & Jason Moloney. You wouldn’t think they were fighters by their clean cut looks and their articulate manner, but don’t be mistaken, these boys can fight.

Andrew as a professional is 15-0 (10 KO’s) and is the first Aussie to win a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal and Professional Commonwealth title. Jason is also 15-0 (12 KO’s) and is the WBA Oceania Champion with both boys ranked in the top 10 in the world by the WBA.

It’s not the easiest task to interview a current athlete in the middle of their career. Most are particularly reserved with many not willing to give much away. It was a pleasure to speak to these two gentlemen as they were very open with their answers.

From humble beginnings growing up in Melbourne, the boys with posters of the likes of 2pac, Snoop Dogg, NWA & Easy E on their bedroom wall, Jason a mad Swans support and Andrew a Carlton fan, nothing has come easy for the boys. But with the simple method of hard work and dedication they have both worked up towards big fights on the world scene ahead.

Most people feel they don’t learn from someone younger than them but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Be open to learn from everyone, life experience and expertise can happen at any age and that openness to learn is where the true value lies.

Listen to the entire episode on the player below or continue for my key takeaways from the powerful chat.


 “Andrew & I felt we had become a little stagnant. We both have big dreams of becoming World Champions. I’ve always said I was willing to do what it takes to reach the top and reach our dreams. We are undefeated, things were going well but we felt that we weren’t seeing the improvement that we needed. So we decided a new trainer was what we needed, so we packed our bags and moved from Melbourne up to Kingscliff and started training under Angelo Hyder. We’ve both improved so much in 6 months and in another 6 months we will be kicking goals and hopefully have a World title around our waist – Jason Moloney”

To think the guys already had a solid base in Melbourne but had the maturity to make a tough call of what they needed to get to the next level. It’s a big sacrifice to move away from your family and friends but a move that is already paying dividend under the guidance of a world class coach in Angelo Hyder. A great learning point to continue to push to evolve and grow no matter where you are on the journey.

Andrew Moloney, Jason Moloney


“We weren’t that successful at the start I actually lost my first 3 fights and Andrew his first 7. It was hard for us, we were 45kg and there wasn’t many blokes around our weight. We had a few losses but kept chipping away, improving and before you knew it, we were winning and kept going and going – Jason Moloney”

Most people quit after losing the first time they do something. What an incredible story of perseverance with Jason losing his first 3 and Andrew his first 7, a true example of never giving up and working on your craft.


“It’s funny to look back now but I lost my first 7 fights and back then we were juggling playing football and boxing at the same time. Boxing is just one of those things you got give 100% or not do it at all. After losing 7 fights rather than give up I decided to concentrate 100% on boxing and when I did I went on to not lose for 5 or 6 years. That’s what happens when you focus 100%, put your mind and life to it, and stay dedicated, the results speak for themselves – Andrew Moloney”

Along with perseverance, it’s funny what can happen when we focus on a single task. We can all get tied up with losing focus by putting out energies into so many things. By focusing on that one thing you have passion, experience or expertise, some great things can eventuate.

Andrew Moloney, Jason Moloney


"I’m watching boxing every day, when you’re that passionate about something you do anything it takes. When you’re that passionate about something you’re usually good at it, I love the sport – Jason Moloney"

It’s incredible how good you can get with something you’re passionate about. To live, sleep & breathe it is true passion. To find a way to make a career out of something you love, for mine is one of the key characteristics of true success.


“Boxing is just you and another guy. Its hard going back to your mates and telling them you lost again. Whereas football you lose a game you got others to take the blame with you, boxing it’s all on you. At the end of the day, it’s you that has to do the training, stay dedicated and go out for those runs when no one is watching, when you win there’s no feeling like it – Andrew Moloney”

While we speak about the importance of having a great team or inner circle, it’s up to you to execute. Someone can give you all the advice or build a plan but unless you’re willing to do the hard work and the grind nothing will eventuate. As Andrew mentions it’s that work that happens when no one is looking which is one of the true ingredients of success, something also told to me by the great Evander Holyfield.

Andrew Moloney, Jason Moloney


“I love being around successful people and the way they go about their lives. The way they carry themselves. I think when you hang around successful people that brings on success and breeds success – Jason Moloney”

The importance of a strong inner circle and influence is true. If you are struggling in this area maybe have a look at the crowd you are hanging around with for a clue to where our your own behaviours both good and bad are influenced.

Andrew Moloney, Jason Moloney


“In the Bronze medal round, I unfortunately lost by 2 points. I was really disappointed I wasn’t coming home with a medal because I put a lot of pressure on myself before that to come home with a medal and do everyone proud. It was 4 years on, when I made the team for Glasgow and this time I was set to win the gold. I had 4 fights in 8 days. To get to the Gold Medal fight it was a real chess match. I ended up winning 2 rounds to one, it was a close fight. But I used my experience and was very smart how I went about the fight and that secured at least a silver medal. Through our whole time I wanted it so badly, I hardly slept the whole time I was there. I love the big stage, the bigger the event or crowd the better I perform. It’s always been the case even when I played junior football; I always seemed to be best on ground, then the Commonwealth Games I rose to the occasion. I feel the bigger the crowd and event the better I perform - Andrew Moloney”

A great story of determination and learning from a setback to grow. Patience and gaining experience is a key tool and as can be seen was a key ingredient that took Andrew from the disappointment of losing a Bronze medal match all the way to Gold.

Andrew Moloney, Jason Moloney

I’m really looking forward to seeing these boys continue to develop both in and out of the ring. The Moloney boys along as with the likes of George Kambosos and Tim Tszyu, I see as the next generation of boxers who can make it on the world scene.

It take a special person to become a World Champion but as you can see with the learning points above, the guys are doing a great job of not only creating a winning team, but they continue to challenge themselves to improve and evolve and these systems will be crucial for them for taking the next step to the next level.

It’s imperative that we support our young athletes before they become champions.

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