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Karmichael Hunt

“Leadership – we associate it with a title or hierarchy, but the reality is leadership happens every day in the way we act, the way we behave, the attitude we have, the support we show each other. I don’t think it’s something that is a burden but something you should be aware of and sit comfortably with who you are and what you do”

My special guest is Kieren Perkins. Kieren is a legend of the swimming pool which includes being a 4 time Olympic medallist and former world record holder. He is considered one of the greatest long distance swimmers of all time, winning 2 Olympic Gold medals in 1992 and 1996 and silver in 2000.

You will learn plenty from Kieren Perkins in episode 18 of Talking with TK.

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3:34 – Biggest challenge in corporate life

5:00 – Influences & lessons from sporting coaches’ transition into his job

7:24 – His role on the team during the golden era of Australian swimming

11:40 – Influence from his parents

13:00 – Coach Mr Carew

19:00 – Olympic trials

21:40 – Breaking 15 minutes in the 1500 meters

22:22 – Preparing when you have young competition at your heals

28:30 – Celebrating wins & Goal setting

30:45 – Favorite race venue

32:00 – Something he needs to do everyday

34:00 – Posters on his childhood wall growing up

35:00 – 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party



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