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Episode 56 - Archie Thompson

“I was big on attracting from the Universe and I’m still a big believer in what you believe in is what you attract and I believed big time I was going to have a special night and I was going to score 3 goals and lucky for me instead of 3 it was 5”

My special guest is Archie Thompson. Archie is a former professional footballer and legend of the A-League with Melbourne Victory while he also played overseas in Belgium and Netherlands. He is capped 54 times for the Socceroos which includes being part of the 2006 World Cup qualifying squad. Away from the game he is an analyst on Fox Sports and Croc Media.

You will learn plenty from Archie Thompson in episode 56 of the Talking with TK Podcast.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE3:20 – Welcome Archie Thompson

4:04 – Transition into the Media with Fox Sports

9:31 – Retirement at Melbourne Victory

12:00 – Playing Local league

13:36 – Changes to body and mind in retirement

15:27 – His preferred playing position at the professional level

17:23 – Today’s structured style of play

21:10 – Playing against Del Piero and growing the game

23:42 – The summer and the toll on the players

24:56 – The call up to move overseas

26:50 – Biggest improvement he made in Belgium

28:19 – The ego coming home

29:54 – Danny Allsopp

30:55 – Becoming professional

32:20 – 5 goals in the Grand Final against Adelaide

33:06 – The visualisation

33:49 – Frank Farina and his Socceroos debut

36:05 – Gus Hiddink

38:00 – 2005 Qualifier vs Uruguay

42:30 – Starting the first leg

44:00 – The second leg and penalty shoot out

45:22 – Celebrating the win

46:05 – The 2006 World Cup

49:11 – Favourite venue to play

49:40 – Posters on his wall growing up

50:50 – 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party




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