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Episode 135 - Colin Scotts

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In this podcast

3:11 – Welcome Colin Scotts

4:44 – The family background of the Scotts

10:12 – American sport & Aussie banter

11:49 – Travelling from Palm Beach to Scots College

13:50 – Life at American college

15:25 – Struggling with anxiety prior to a game

16:34 – Injuries & concussions

17:35 – How he found Rugby Union

19:00 – Getting rid of his discipline issues

23:10 – Touring with the Australian Schoolboys

24:35 – Mental illness in the NFL

26:30 – Being spot by Richard Ellison from the University of Hawaii

29:30 – Valentine Holmes

30:50 – Media and John Mangos

31:44 – Giving up Rugby Union for American Football

33:59 – Australia setting the standard for punting in the NFL

35:40 – AFL & Concussions

37:14 – The recruitment process

38:46 – Dating his English teacher at University of Hawaii

41:39 – His first day on campus

44:13 – Mental abuse on the team

45:56 – Dealing with two bullies, Too Tall & Bubba

49:49 – Instilling culture in the team

51:19 – Struggles moving from Rugby to NFL

54:57 – First game of America Football against Air Force at Colorado

56:28 – Making errors early

58:01 – Being nationally ranked second in defence

59:55 – What he looks for at the Quarterback snap

1:00:38 – Playing against star QB Jim McMahon

1:02:26 – When he knew he was ready for the NFL

1:04:26 – Draft day

1:06:08 – Who kept him grounded through the experience

1:07:44 - Tom Selleck, Magnum PI and valet parking

1:13:42 - Holding out on his NFL contract

1:15:31 - Celebrating after a win in the NFL

1:17:24 - Beer and team culture

1:18:05 - Living in Phoenix

1:19:33 - What made him move from Defensive End to TIght End

1:21:09 - Snapping his achilles

1:22:34 - The end of his career

1:24:55 - The old Texas Stadium

1:26:09 - How he invented the Kangaroo Hop

1:27:15 - Meeting Vince McMahon

1:29:08 - How a professional wrestling match works

1:33:05 - Meeting The Rock

1:34:29 - Why we left professional wrestling

1:37:49 - Hulk Hogan

1:38:49 - College vs NFL which one he preferred

1:39:17 - Favourite ground to play at in Rugby and American Football

1:41:23 - Funniest team mate

1:44:40 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party


Colin Scotts is a pioneer for Australia in American Football with Colin the first Aussie to win a scholarship to American Football with the University of Hawaii while also being the first Aussie drafted to the NFL. He played 3 seasons in the NFL, 2 with the St Louis/Arizona Cardinals as a Defensive End and his final season as a Tight End with the Houston Oilers. A talented sportsman, Col was also a member of Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union team in 1981.

Away from the NFL, Col has been a highly successful entreprenur over an extended period of time. He is is a director of Cellar Value Solutions .. an innovative , market disrupting beer line cleaning service. CVS focuses on maximising the quality of beer from keg to glass, ensuring customers enjoy optimal taste. From the venue’s perspective , CVS focuses on increasing large revenue for pubs while reducing their costs .

With his 8 years experience as a pub owner , Col applies his knowledge to ensure all parties benefit.

Col is also leading the introduction of a a new lotion Amp Human Performance, working closely with respected sports scientists in educating the Australian sporting community of the major benefits it provides. Its a buffing agent that you rub into your working muscles that reduces the buildup of lactic acid and stops soreness. You train harder for longer. While it is actively used by the majority of NFL, Basketball, Hockey Rowing , Athletic teams in the USA and many of the football teams in the EPL also the All Blacks are using it. It is equally valuable to the regular sportsman who wants to gain that extra edge in performance or recover much quicker.


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