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Episode 162 - Donny Singe

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In this podcast

2:49 - Welcome Donny Singe 3:28 - Where he comes from in New Zealand 6:25 - Joining the Navy 9:33 - His solution to the toliet paper crisis 10:36 - Growing up one of seven kids 11:45 - Little Donny's sporting ability 13:45 - Finding Rugby League 16:18 - Lessons from his Father 18:25 - Little Donny and academics 27:57 - Changes in training today 28:57 - Burpees and bad exercises 33:07 - Players of the 90's vs today 35:00 - Talking with the other NRL performance coaches 38:00 - Learning from the military 40:15 - How we met Des Hasler 42:50 - How he got his first gig in Rugby 45:47 - Oni Donny and moving to Japan 51:48 - The Sand Hill Warrior 53:50 - Training league vs union players 59:30 - Manly culture 1:01:40 - Matt Orford pound for pound strongest 1:03:36 - Courage and resilience 1:06:55 - Current coaching staff at Manly 1:08:37 - Point of difference at Manly 1:10:00 - What a head of performance does 1:12:40 - Playing through injury 1:13:40 - How they catch out player's not telling them about injuries 1:15:45 - Learning the psychology of sport 1:17:21 - Weekly priorities 1:19:28 - Mental health 1:22:31 - Leadership at Manly 1:23:12 - Ben Kennedy and becoming better at connecting with his players 1:31:05 - How wrestling plays a part in training 1:34:42 - Dealing with Corona virus 1:37:33 - Handling suspended players 1:41:29 - Pride in the Manly culture 1:46:48 - Des leaving and Geoff Toovey taking over 1:50:02 - How he met his wife Leanne 1:56:20 - The eye of the coach 1:57:57 - The battle of Brookvale 2:01:53 - Building a championship culture 2:03:21 - His role teaching at Well College Global


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Donny Singe is the Head of Performance at the Manly Sea Eagles. An absolute legendary bloke and a master of his craft in the strength and conditioning field,Donny has been the right hand man of Des Hasler for a number of years.

His success in the game speaks for itself, two premierships with the Sea Eagles in 2008 and 2011, Grand finals in 2007 & 2013, World Club Challenge win in 2009 and having worked in professional Rugby Union, Australian Tennis, Canterbury Bulldogs, NZ National Side, the NZ Maori side, the Cook Islands National Team and Samoa National Rugby League teams.

Don completed his Masters of Education in Sports Coaching at Sydney University in 2019 and regularly presents and speaks for international sporting companies, commercial business/corporate and government law enforcement agencies for both general duty officers and the nation’s elite.

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