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Episode 185 - Gavin Badger

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In this podcast

4:47 – Welcome Gavin Badger

5:28 – How him and Kasey first started a podcast with

6:41 – Referees being able to tell their stories

7:23 – Who he went for as a kid

8:34 – Living with his wife Kasey during Isolation (maybe cut out)

12:55 – Women emerging into the NRL referees squad

15:45 – How he continues to get his body ready at the age of 48

17:45 – Having a point of difference

18:45 – Little Badge growing up in Waterloo

20:32 – How he found out of his Indigenous heritage

21:55 – Changing his Surname

24:08 – Why he chose to tell his story of childhood abuse

31:15 – Has it made him feel different speaking about it

32:30 – Playing footy with Terry Hill & Tricky Trindall

34:30 – Disliking referees growing up

35:59 – Making the referees junior reps squad

36:52 – Did he want to be a professional ref

37:55 – His great on-field demeanour with players

40:22 – Did he enjoy the two referees

41:06 – Mentoring young refs

42:38 – Finding out about his first grade debut from Robert Finch

45:10 – Gorden Tallis and beers with the Broncos

48:15 – Getting smashed by players in his first season

48:34 – When he felt comfortable in first grade

49:40 – Thoughts towards 400 first grade games

50:11 – Coach with the biggest impact on his career

51:51 – Bouncing back from a bad game

53:04 – How he uses social media

54:19 – How he started supporting the Kansas City Chiefs

57:55 – His obsession with sneakers

1:02:05 – Representing his culture in the NRL All Stars game

1:04:07 – His beep test record

1:05:46 – 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party


Gavin Badger is a professional rugby league referee . After debuting in the NRL in 2004 has refereed over 350 first grade games which puts him third all time.He hosts a podcast with his wife Kasey on, coaches junior referees through the NSW Rugby League system while is always positively involved in the community.

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