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Episode 24 - John Buchanan

"Both Steve Waugh & Ricky Ponting were extremely passionate before they became captain, they loved playing for Australia. But once made Captain, they saw clearly their role to lead by example. Stephen did it in a slightly different manner, Stephen was fairly concise but impactful with his words, if he spoke people stood up, heard and listened, he was a man of history, he talked about the road less travelled, leaving that mark in history in a very successful team. Ricky, was not a person to make a decision on his own, Ricky spent a lot of time going around the room and canvassing their thoughts. Now he would have a pretty good idea on what he wanted to do but if there was the opportunity that someone has something better to say or it gave him the opportunity to convince people why they should follow his ideas"

My special guest is John Buchanan. John is the director & owner of Buchanan Success Coaching and is also the former coach of the Australian Cricket team, a period of time which led to a world record 16 consecutive test match victories and 3 World Cups wins. He has a passion for coaching in both the corporate sector and sport and looks to leave a striking impact to lead to peak performances from leaders, teams and individuals.

You will learn plenty from John Buchanan in episode 24 of the Talking with TK Podcast.


4:30 - Why he left professional sports & targeted the corporate sector

9:30 - Why he loves coaching?

11:30 - Justifying his positions to Cricket Australia Board

13:00 - Walking into a star studded Australian team

16:45 - Everest

18:00 - Creating a Vision

21:30 - Would he be interested in returning to professional sports

24:00 - Why don't great players make good coaches?

32:20 - Importance of Innovation?

39:00 - Celebrating & Reflecting on achievements

44:30 - Strategies for dealing with distributors or under performers

48:00 - Leadership traits from Steve Waugh & Ricky Ponting

54:14 - The glue of the team

57:00 - Favourite ground in Australia (a side from the Gabba) & Overseas

57:40 - His morning routine

58:00 - Posters on his bedroom walls growing up

58:28 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party




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