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Episode 175 - Paul Roos

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In this podcast

3:30 - Welcome Paul Roos 4:10 - Wellness during isolation 8:00 - Moving away from media and how Covid19 has affected his business 10:37 - When his passion for leadership started 12:46 - Thoughts around picking a captain and leadership group 14:24 - Introducing meditation into the team and did he get buy in from the team 16:23 - Things he did to help with the stress of coaching 18:30 - Importance of overseas travel 20:25 - Learning and visiting American sports teams 23:12 - Visiting the Chicago Bulls during the 90's 24:44 - How he related to the role players on his team 26:00 - Writing down the good and bad from his coaches and connecting with his players 27:13 - What made him start to journal about his career 29:33 - Buy in and push backs his seen with his work with corporates 32:33 - How to introduce feedback into a system 35:35 - Managing big egos on a team 37:59 - Moving to Melbourne and trying to rebuild a club 41:54 - What makes a good assistant coach 44:43 - Playing vs Coaching 46:41 - Why leadership is tiring 49:18 - How hard to not win a flag as a player than to try to win as a coach 50:49 - What drove him into coaching 53:00 - Celebrating the 2005 premiership win 54:45 - Reflecting on the past 56:17 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party


Paul Roos is a former champion AFL player who played 356 games across Fitzroy and the Sydney Swans and is an inductee into the AFL Hall of Fame. He coached the Swans to their first premiership in 2005 and was pivotal in building the Bloods Culture. He also coached the Melbourne Football Club.

Away from footy, Paul is the founder and director of Performance by Design.

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