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Episode 158 - Stephen Coniglio

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In this podcast

2:00 - Welcome Stephen Coniglio 2:30 - A busy off season 3:15 - One club player 4:24 - Developing success at GWS 6:00 - Flying under the radar in Sydney 7:45 - What an off season looks like an the AFL 10:33 - What has changed now he is the captain 12:11 - Reflecting on the challenging years 15:08 - Growing in Perth and his family background 16:50 - Being the Golden Child of the family 18:10 - The backyard cricket and footy battles with his brothers 20:19 - Touring India playing cricket for WA 22:50 - What sport he was better at, cricket or AFL? 23:53 - The AFL draft 24:50 - Moving to Sydney as a kid 26:17 - Breakout moment in his AFL development 28:45 - Draft Camp 30:11 - Kevin Sheedy 33:10 - Difference between Sheedy and Leon Cameron 34:44 - When he felt his body was ready for the rigours of the AFL 36:43 - What stopped the boys from quitting when they were getting flogged early on 38:08 - The key signing that bought success to the club 40:02 - The rivalry with the Sydney Swans and the 2016 semi final 42:22 - The emotions of not being able to play in finals and grand final in 2019 44:35 - The grand final week 46:07 - Needing to make the top four 46:52 - Playing away from home in Melbourne 47:20 - Any player he was blown away with during his career 48:00 - Funny Chris Judd moment 49:00 - Entrepreneurship and establishing himself in the restaurant game 52:21 - Favourite goal he has kicked 53:01 - Favourite venue to play at 53:33 - Funniest team mate 53:40 - Team Donny Bradman 54:18 - Best dressed team mate 54:47 - Biggest pest at the club 55:10 - The socialite 55:37 - Best rig 55:45 - Worst rig 56:08 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party


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Stephen Coniglio is a professional AFL player for the GWS Giants where he is also Club Captain. Drafted number 2 in the 2011 draft, Stephen has played 133 games for the Giants kicking 78 goals and being an integral part of the team success over the past 5 years.

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