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Clyde Rathbone

“The strangest moment was when the Australian team landed in Durban and we got on a bus and drove down the South Coast where we were doing the preparation for the test and we drove past my high school. I remember sitting on the bus and thinking if someone could go back in time and grab me while I was running around in those fields and say one day you will be driving past on a bus with the Australian team it would have been like saying you’re going to land on Mars, it would have been that absurd”

My special guest is Clyde Rathbone. Clyde is a former Rugby Union player for the ACT Brumbies and represented the Wallabies 26 times. Post retirement Clyde is the co-founder of Karma.Wiki.

You will learn plenty from Clyde Rathbone in episode 47 of the Talking with TK Podcast.

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3:21 – Welcome Clyde Rathbone

4:00 – Post career with Karma Wiki

7:49 – Values

10:54 – Growth & the Roller Coaster

14:34 – Social Media & Intention

17:07 – Transition from Sport

22:20 – Captaining the South African under 21 World Cup Team

24:44 – Coming to Australia

26:05 – Canberra

28:00 – ACT Brumbies

30:00 – Becoming part of the team

31:51 – Forming bonds and creating culture

33:39 – Importance of Communication from Sports to Business

39:00 – Test Debut

43:30 – The Australian and South African National Anthem

47:22 – Struggles for teams in South Africa

52:53 – Leadership

55:27 – The Glue in the team

1:01:45 – Depression and the turning point

1:04:49 – The comeback

1:07:34 – Favourite book or resource

1:10:40 – Posters on his bedroom wall growing up

1:11:55 – 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party



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Luke Jackson


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