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Episode 50 - Pat Cash

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“It’s funny how we are day to day we say once my life gets organized then I’ll start to meditate or relax but it’s the other way around, once you start to mediate and relax everything will fall into place. It a fine balance as an athlete to find that but as a non-athlete now I find I can drop into that and I’m a much happier person and everything seems to flow, I don’t worry about money or anything, I have no goals because I have a true confidence that a higher power is in control of my life”

My special guest is Pat Cash. Pat is an Icon of Australian tennis. After turning pro in 1982 he won the 1987 Wimbledon championship and during his career competed in 5 Grand Slam Finals across singles and doubles. Pat led Australia to two Davis Cup wins in 1983 and 1986.​

You will learn plenty about Pat Cash in episode 50 of the Talking with TK Podcast.