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Episode 51 - Richard Barnett

"What I’ve learnt in my life and I’ve always been this way, is you got to show faith. I’m a real positive person and I hate negativity it’s one of my pet hates, I hate being around negative people and negative stories, when I had Cryonic Fatigue I hated it even more. I want to hear positive attitudes and good stories all the time so I learnt to remain positive because there will always be an end game and it will always be good, so I worked on mind over matter”

My special guest is Richard Barnett. Richard is a Former professional Rugby League player who played in the NRL for the Cronulla Sharks and the Sydney Roosters. He also played in the English Super League for London Broncos and Hull while he has represented and captained his country of birth New Zealand.​

You will learn plenty about Richard Barnett in episode 51 of the Talking with TK Podcast.


2:57 – Welcome Richard Barnett

3:30 – The Cronulla Sharks back 3

5:15 – His current projects

8:00 – Transition and entrepreneurship

9:22 – The competition of business

10:15 – Self development

13:30 – Fulfilling Conversation

15:00 – Dealing with Cryonic Fatigue

20:00 – Getting better from CF

20:45 – Wellness and testing the boundaries

21:30 – The origins of his Rugby League career

22:15 – Playing against the legends in 1994

24:15 – Leaving NZ for Australia and the struggles

27:25 – The speed of the Cronulla Sharks backline

28:22 – Catching the high ball above the head

31:18 – The pressure of finals footy

33:00 – Match winner in the semi vs the Broncos

36:00 – Andrew Ettingshausen as a captain

38:00 – Moving to the Roosters

39:20 – Playing the centres

40:58 – Coaches at the highest level

42:39 – Missing the 2000 Grand Final

45:00 – Becoming New Zealand Test Captain

47:00 – The World Cup

48:15 – Leadership

50:25 – Moving to the Super League

52:55 – Career Highlight

53:35 – Favorite venue to play out

54:54 – One possession he would save in a burning fire

55:25 – 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party




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