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Episode 53 - Beau Robinson

“With my brother passing, when something like that happens it changes your total perspective on life. You really start to question what life’s about and what you want to achieve in life and do with yourself. I was absolutely hating working as a Garbo and said to myself I want to be a professional Rugby player in Australia because I want to prove to people that I’m up to it and I had nothing to lose so I went for it”

My special guest is Beau Robinson. Beau is a former Professional Rugby Union player for the NSW Waratahs and QLD Reds, while he is also capped with the Wallabies. Away from the game, Beau has started the podcast “A Yarn with Beau Robbo” where he explores the transitions of former professional athletes.

You will learn plenty from Beau Robinson in episode 53 of the Talking with TK Podcast.


3:33 – Welcome Beau Robinson

4:04 – Creating the podcast

6:11 – Creating new skills

9:44 – Injuries

11:20 – Retirement & Post Career

13:44 – Lessons learnt and advice to a young player coming through

15:55 – Doing more while playing

20:30 – Finishing University

22:57 – The Origins of Beau Robbo

26:40 – Farming in the Robinson family

28:21 – Finding Footy

30:15 – Moving to Sydney and signing with the Canterbury Bulldogs

32:00 – Under 20’s at the Bulldogs

32:35 – Transition to professional Rugby

35:18 – Major injury and rehab

37:18 – Moving to the NSW Waratahs

39:20 – Ewen McKenzie

41:38 – Learning from Phil Waugh, Rocky Elsom and Wycliff Palu

43:05 – Getting cut from the Waratahs

46:44 – The real world & telling his family

48:20 – Playing in Italy

50:30 – Emailing Ewen Mckenzie and signing with the Reds

52:00 – Mindset changes

53:15 – Leadership

56:10 – Test debut

58:20 – Favourite venue to play at

1:0:19 – What item he would save from a fire

1:01:08 – 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party




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